Seychellois invited to take part in women’s world prayer day tomorrow


People the world over are expected to join in the Women’s World Day of Prayer, with the first service starting at sunrise in Tonga and others following around the globe until the sun sets in American Samoa some 36 hours later.

By then, the day will have been celebrated in over 170 countries, including Seychelles.
All Seychellois, in particular women, are invited to join in the prayers tomorrow, with two services to be held – at St Paul’s Cathedral, Victoria, at 4.30pm, and at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Praslin at 5pm.

A press release from the event’s organising committee remarks that Women’s World Day of Prayer (WWDP) is a unique organisation; truly interdenominational and truly international, it speaks with the voices of women from all corners of the globe.

Involvement in WWDP creates a network of Christian women on a worldwide scale which also reaches
into local communities. Preparations go on for months in advance. Finally, at a local church on March 1, women and men will be gathering to celebrate using a programme of worship prepared this year by women in France.

“When the women of the French Committee met to work on the material for 2013, the theme chosen for them became close to their hearts: I WAS A STRANGER AND YOU
WELCOMED ME. The service they have written for us has a strongly French feel and flavour,” notes the press release. France, like other European countries, receives many asylum requests. In 2011, 51,900 people applied for asylum in France. The presence of these people in the country both enriches the culture and can cause social difficulties. Behind each request, each statistic,is the story of a life. Some of those stories will be shared in the service.

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