Korea pledges more help for renewable energy projects


The delegation from the Korea Economic Development Cooperative in a souvenir photo with Prof. Payet and Mr Agricole.

This, along with other proposals, were discussed in a meeting between the Ministry of Environment and Energy and representatives from the Korea Economic Development Cooperative who were visiting Seychelles for a feasibility study.

The Minister for Environment and Energy, Professor Rolph Payet, explained that housing estates are ideal to run the pilot projects as houses being built could be equipped with cell modules on their roofs or windows which can be used to generate electricity from sunlight.

Another option discussed is building houses that are designed to be environmentally friendly by adopting and using new renewable energy, such as sunlight, solar and geothermal heat.

Other areas of interests which the Korean delegation presented were on renewable energy and environment projects such as: sustainable energy, electricity generating system with solar energy for households, wind power as well as wave power.  

LED lamp exchange programme and installation of ‘energy saves devices’ at different building in the town area are two other areas which can bring huge potential to Seychelles. 

During the meeting, which was also attended by the principal secretary for Environment and Energy, Wills Agricole, emphasis was put on environment friendly projects such as one where food waste from homes and businesses could be processed and turned into compost which can be used by the farming sector, as well as processing of sewage sludge and other waste. 

Desalination projects were also presented to the Seychellois delegation, one such project being turning  sea water into ice which can be used in the fishing industry. But these projects will be further discussed to the relevant authorities.

In addition to the proposals the Korean delegation have offered their assistance for an education campaign for recycling, separating  and re-using waste.

“This pledge of support comes at an opportune time as my ministry doubles its effort to boost awareness and sensitisation where littering and waste management are concerned,” said Prof. Payet. ‘We look forward to learn and benefit from the know-how of such a developed country,” Prof. Payet said.

During the meeting the five member delegation donated a solar energy street lamp worth US $1,000 to the Ministry of Environment and Energy.
Dong Chang Jeong, honorary consul of the Republic of Korea to Seychelles and Julie Kim, regional manager in the Seychelles Tourist Office, were also present at the discussions.

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