Survey on use of species harvested from the wild


Shark is among the species being targeted by the survey

The addition of other species such as, palm heart (palmist), sea cucumber (banbara), wedge shells (tek tek), crabs, octopus, shark, lobsters (oumar), shrimps (kanmaron) and bernik will ensure a wider coverage of most species that are consumed by both visitors and locals.

A simple questionnaire will be used to facilitate the respondents’ understanding of the questions.
The survey was deemed important to ensure that harvest, based on the total number of individuals harvested per species, is not having a negative effect on the long-term conservation of species being targeted and that it is being done on a sustainable level.

Although many dishes that are produced out of these species have a positive impact on the tourism industry, as they symbolise the Creole tradition, it is equally important to protect the populations of our species from the wild for future generations.

It is important to note that this will also benefit the different establishments as they will also be contributing towards the sustainable use of our resources, thus ensuring that species conservation remains a top priority and that more businesses become involved with the environment.

The survey will also help determine whether these species are being collected outside their respective seasons, which could, if unsustainable practices continue, lead to their extinction.

Sustainable practices such as collection of mature specimens, ban of collecting species during closure of season, for example sea cucumber, lobsters, avoiding over harvesting, etc are measures which should be considered by the different establishments/businesses to ensure the long-term conservation of these species.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy is counting on the support and cooperation from tourism establishments, restaurants, and take-aways during the census and that you share the same values and aspirations in conserving our species and working towards having sustainable and responsible businesses.

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