NDEA communiqué-Major drug players targeted


The NDEA said this in a communiqué yesterday, adding that the agency has also targeted large amounts of money leaving Seychelles which is believed may be used in the trafficking of drugs.

The NDEA noted that one operation involved the simultaneous search of six locations where persons suspected of involvement in drug trafficking either reside or frequent.  At one of these locations the agents recovered a substance suspected to be illicit drugs that has now been forwarded for analysis. The investigations into this seizure are ongoing.

“The persons involved are highly organised and use legitimate businesses and personnel to further their illegal activities. As they come under pressure they will go to any lengths to influence public opinion and discredit the NDEA. When the NDEA disrupts their operations these groups stand to lose significant amounts of money that they derive from drug trafficking,” says the communiqué.

The NDEA communiqué adds that drugs impact on all sectors of society and it is vital that all sections of the community stand united against drugs.

“The NDEA is fully committed to eradicating drugs from Seychelles and strives to achieve this in a fair and equitable manner,” concludes the communiqué.

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