17 convicted pirates flown to Puntland


 The convicted Somalis boarding the IDC plane yesterday

They were brought for prosecution here after marines on a Spanish war ship arrested them in international waters.

On Monday nine other Somalis convicted of attacking a petrol tanker in 2011 and jailed for 18 years each were also flown to Puntland to continue serving their sentences in that country’s Bosaaso jail.

Speaking to journalists before their flight, some of the pirates said they have been treated well while here but were missing their families so they are happy to serve their sentences back home.
“Here we are foreigners,” said one in fluent English who added that the only Creole words he knows are unpleasant ones.

He diplomatically avoided answering whether he would reform and so quit piracy he was found guilty of, saying “I do not know these things”.

Officials said the pirates earlier said they were happy with the food and accommodation at Montagne Posée prison “where they have been able to learn computer skills as some played football for the very first time in a court made for them” at the new wing of the prison built for them by the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.

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