Assembly approves changes to condominium property law


This will be possible now that the National Assembly has unanimously approved amendments to the Condominium Property Act.

The Minister for Land Use and Housing Christian Lionnet presented the different amendments for Assembly members to debate on and approve in its session on Tuesday.
In his presentation Mr Lionnet said the law provides for owners of the different housing units to appoint either an individual, a group of people or a company to take care of their properties thus relieving them of such responsibilities but also create job opportunities for such service providers.

Minister Lionnet noted that the amendments provide for owners of the houses to terminate the appointment of a manager in cases of substandard services.
According to Minister Lionnet, the Land Use and Housing ministry is at present conducting a survey of all the properties concerned and once this is completed transfer documents for condominium property owners  who have already completed payment of their houses will be prepared.

Members of the majority party who presented arguments on the amendments to the Condominium Property Act dated 1992 believe they will not only help with the proper maintenance and management of different block of houses but also help address various issues which arise in housing blocks such as disputes among neighbours and also ensure that all tenants honour all housing policies.
So far it was the Property Management Company (PMC) which has been responsible to manage and maintain condominiums in the country.

But the leader of the opposition in the Assembly, David Pierre, argued that allowing the different homeowners to appoint a manager for their building risks bringing more complications than good and he called on Minister Lionnet to explain what will happen in a case where the homeowners cannot agree on a manager and they have difficulty reaching a compromise on the issue.

He wanted to know the mechanisms in place including a legal framework to allow for the democratic appointment of a manager so as to ensure both parties respect their side of the agreement and avoid any possible potential conflicts.

In his right of reply Minister Lionnet explained that the proposed amendments aim to empower our people to develop a sense of ownership for their block of apartments. He noted that the homeowners will have all the power to deal with the different issues which arise.

With regard to the appointment of a manager Mr Lionnet said the choice has to be approved by all and in case of disagreement by some homeowners, the decision of the management corporation will prevail.

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