SWDA calls for end to violence against women


“On March 8 every year, Seychelles joins other countries in the world to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women of the past, the present day and the future.

“This presents us with a fitting occasion to look back and reflect on the amazing progress made by the women who struggled with passionate conviction and unshakable faith, those women who have been at the forefront of the fight against social injustice and inequality in all their forms and who have stood up for the education, empowerment and the active participation of women in our country’s development.

“They persevered in the face of daunting challenges and their accomplishments have made our society what it is today.

“The theme under which we are commemorating International Women’s Day this year is “The Gender Agenda; Gaining Momentum”.  It is sending a strong message that globally the movement for championing women’s equality is making progress but there is still a lot to be done for the advancement of the cause.  There is a need to look into the future and find out what we, women and men of today, can address when it comes to potential areas that remain untapped and opportunities that are yet to be explored for a transformation in relations between men and women at all levels of our society.  We need to identify the concrete actions that can be taken so that further progress can be achieved for the future generation of women.

“This day calls for all of us to spell out our responsibility to work for enduring change in values and attitudes.  It calls for us to work in partnership to promote the integration of gender in all domains.

“Today, globally, the gender movement is seeking to strengthen the international community’s commitment to put an end to violence against women.  It is calling on all governments, civil society, women’s organisations, men, the youths, the private sector and the media to join forces and take appropriate action to what is being termed as a global pandemic.  Seychelles has not been spared.

“As a group promoting the rights and welfare of women, the Seychelles Women’s Day Association (SWDA) is making a passionate plea for everybody to take this issue with the deadly seriousness it deserves, to strive for a society where women and girls are protected from all forms of violence, for a society that continues to listen to and care for its women and value their dignity and worth.
“I extend my best wishes for the day to all women and men in Seychelles.”

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