Miss Seychelles … Another World beauty pageant-Beauties with a purpose – contestants raring to go


Lindy Barallon (17)

Joanne Napier (19)

Sandra Ramanoelina (22)

Naomi Fernandez (19)

Emma Denousse (17)

Angèle Quatre (19)

Kelly Payet (20)

Agnes Gerry (19)

Nikita Nourrice (17)

Isha Hoareau (17)

Avrena Marie (17)

Francesca Lablache (22)

Steffie Fred (17)

Rohanna Adelaide (20)

The aim of the beauty pageant is not only to showcase the great variety of feminine elegance and beauty, but to also show intelligent young ladies who are striving to achieve their goals as future scientists, psychologists and business owners.

This beauty pageant is an opportunity for the winner to become an ambassador for the Seychelles Islands and to use her title in social contexts and charitable purposes.   The pageant also nurtures self-confidence in the contestants, as it allows them to demonstrate their talents and abilities.

The audition for the second Miss Seychelles…Another World beauty pageant was held on Wednesday February 20, 2013.  To the contestants this was the start of an exciting journey which would open doors of opportunities for them.
During the audition, the contestants were judged on their physical beauty, figure, deportment, charm, poise, personality, general conversation, intelligence, as well as conduct.

To most of the girls, it is the first time they had the chance to be part of such a prestigious event. Already some of them are captivated by the publicity that the Miss Seychelles... Another World brings – both at national and international levels. For the Miss Seychelles... Another World contestants, the pageant is not solely a means to showcase elegance and beauty, but it is a contest in which they will be able to display their personalities positively.

The 14 contestants have started a series of training programmes in preparation for the Grand Final on May 15, 2013. The training sessions will end two weeks prior to the final rehearsals. With the support of the Seychelles Tourism Board and close collaborators of the pageant, the 14 contestants have so far undergone general grooming such as hair, makeup, nail and posture.

The Eco-Friendly marathon, which is part of the Seychelles Tourism Board calendar of events, was a good opportunity for the contestants of the Miss Seychelles… Another World pageant to make themselves known to the public.

Furthermore, for the next three months the contestants will build a strong team spirit and will undergo intensive weekly training programmes to brush up on their public speaking techniques, general knowledge of the Seychelles culture and economy, phone & table etiquette, conversation in French and performance skills on camera. They will also be having choreography training sessions as part of their preparation. The contestants will also have several social outings such as trips to Praslin and Curieuse Island. On Praslin, they will have photo shoot sessions at the Vallée de Mai, and there will be a nature trip to Curieuse island. 

The contestants are going through a programme of intensive training that will be required of them as future ‘Miss Seychelles... Another World.  As they gradually enter into the sixth week of their training, the momentum will build up for the final. 

All these tailored training sessions have been planned by the Seychelles Tourism Board to prepare the contestants, not only for the Miss Seychelles...Another World 2013 beauty pageant, but for the Miss World pageant to be held in Indonesia on the September 28, 2013.

While the training sessions are quite demanding, the contestants will reap the benefits at the end of this beauty pageant.
These benefits will not only be beneficial to the crowned princess, but to the 13 other contestants. The 13 contestants who do not make it onto the international stage, should not be disconcerted. Instead, they should see themselves as winners and look forward to a brighter future.

The young lady crowned Miss Seychelles…Another World 2013 from the 14 contestants will be an ambassador for the Seychelles Islands during her reign.  Among other events that our beauty queen will actively be involved in are the Carnaval International de Victoria; the Festival Kreol, the Seychelles Ball as well as other activities, such as attending tourism trade fairs – an opportunity for her to learn more of the travel industry. 

Miss Seychelles...Another World is an event that not only celebrates beauty and glamour, but it represents the people of Seychelles, their culture and the melting pot of its many ethnic groups.

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