‘Lungos committed to bringing about positive impact on the lives of women’


“The Gender Commission is proud and congratulates the women and girls who are proving their worth in national development. I want to take this opportunity to renew the commitment of Gender Commission of Lungos in the strengthening and expanding all efforts within our means to promote the status of women.

“In Seychelles certain areas still need to be attended to. Gender-based violence remains a major health and human rights concern. Human development cannot be achieved if women and girls continue to suffer from violence or live in fear of it.
“The number of women in business is inconsistent with the excellent educational performance of girls. Empowering women in entrepreneurship is necessary to fill that gap.

“Stereotyping employment of women and girls in the media is a constant occurrence. Advocacy of gender mainstreaming in employment needs to be promoted.

“The few examples above reflect some of the challenges that women are facing.  
“Building on the achievements to date, Lungos is committed to bring about positive impact on the lives of women. The International Women’s Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the status of women in Seychelles and this should not be missed.

Monica Servina
Commissioner, Gender Commission
Liaison Unit of Non-Governmental Organisations (Lungos)

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