National Assembly calls for better management of public funds


The leader of the opposition in the National Assembly and chairperson of the institution’s Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) David Pierre tabled the report for debate and approval during last Tuesday’s session.

The document received the unanimous approval of all members.

It was early last year that the FPAC , an assembly committee which has oversight on how the government spends public money and questions mismanagement and alleged corruption, started an important study of the auditor general’s reports for the years 2009 and 2010 and it picked out a series of loopholes and gaps as identified by the auditor general.

The FPAC organised a calling of witnesses where public sector officials from different ministries and departments concerned were called in and quizzed in relation to the identified shortcomings.

Mr Pierre noted that a total of 23 hearing sessions were conducted after which all the findings have been compiled into the report which the FPAC has presented to the Assembly.

Apart from highlighting the shortcomings, the committee has through the report also submitted a number of recommendations to the government to ensure it take actions on them, said Mr Pierre.
He noted that the committee has given a deadline for the government to respond after which it will decide on the course of action.

“The committee believes that where there are loopholes and irregularities in the way public money has been spent these have to be addressed and put right. If we want Seychelles to move forward we need to find solutions to problems we are facing today,” Mr Pierre stressed.

He noted that the FPAC will continue to persevere in the work it has started and is determined to find solutions to the issues raised.
He further stressed that where there are solutions they need to be applied.

Mr Pierre noted that the committee is satisfied with the work it has been able to accomplish on the two reports even though he admitted it was not always easy to get the cooperation of some high officials to answer the questions put to them. But he stressed that the committee has not been discouraged as it gets its mandate under Article 104 of the Constitution and the committee has operated in accordance with that and where necessary it has summoned the officials and took them to task.

“It is an historic moment for Seychelles because we have shown the people that even though we come from different political parties we can work together for the benefit of the country and its people,” said Mr Pierre.

In order to achieve what we have today we’ve had to put aside our political affiliation and work together as a team to ensure that mismanagement of public funds as shown in the reports are tackled in a manner whereby long-term and effective solutions are found for the benefit of the country and the people.
The FPA C committee is made up of seven Assembly members.

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