Parti Lepep Women’s League -Gearing up for Golden Jubilee


Mrs Denis speaking at the close of the conference on Saturday


The conference, at the International Conference Centre (ICCS) and which opened Friday coinciding with the International Women’s Day – in the presence of President James Michel – also urged members to be more active, especially as next year the party will mark its 50th anniversary and grand celebrations are planned for the occasion.

On Saturday, delegates were divided into five working sessions – each consisting of between 40 to 45 members – to focus on such issues as how women want the party’s 50th anniversary to be celebrated; the role of women in our society’s evolution and the role of women as safeguarding the health of future generations.

Closing the conference late Saturday in the presence of its chairperson Mitcy Larue, who had the previous day made the inaugural address, vice-chairperson Marie-Ange Denis said: “Travay i La”. She said that the conference’s theme constitutes a wake-up call for women to continue to work hard and continue the progress already made.

Ms Denis said the conference had been an occasion for lively debate, sharing experiences and making recommendations of how various situations can be improved. She hoped that such consultations will continue in the interest of the entire population.

In the same vein, Ms Denis said the party’s militants must never underestimate the value of a smile, care and attention to others, as they can change the lives of others, rendering them more meaningful.

She said that as members start preparing for celebrations next year for the party’s 50th anniversary, they must bear in mind that it will mark the beginning of another important step in the country’s history.

Besides members of the women’s league, the annual conference was attended by members of the national executive committee from each of the 26 districts, the committee for mass mobilisation (grouping youth, veterans, besides women) headed by Idith Alexander.

New is the organising committee consisting of four secretaries: Maria Payet-Marie, Sheila Lafortune, Sherin Naiken and Hazel Julie. The main role of the organising committee is to help the party national executive committee.

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