Minister Meriton’s message on the occasion of World Social Work Day on March 19-‘Social workers remind us of our humanity’


Minister Meriton

“World Social Work Day is an opportunity for all social workers to reflect on the contribution and difference they make in the lives of fellow citizens in Seychelles.

“It is a day to reflect on our practices, learn from past experiences, improve on our shortcomings and envision how best to meet the demands of an ever-changing and increasingly complex society.

“Everyone can appreciate the work of a social worker because we have all at one time or another helped someone or offer advice to a friend. While most of us will regard these simple acts as part of the human experience, they form the basis of the social work profession. This is because a social worker is a full-time professional friend.

“Social workers are the people who pick up the pieces of many broken dreams and lives. Their goal is to get people to turn their lives around and equip them with the skills to take charge of their own destiny. But while our friends at times may condemn our behaviour, the true social worker works with professional detachment. Compassion not pity, understanding rather than judgment and an open mind but never prejudice are the qualities of today’s social workers.

“On this day, we must acknowledge the role of our social workers and thank them for their invaluable contribution in society. The challenge we face and one in which our social workers are at the very core is one of maintaining the dignity and quality of life of the human being in the face of increasing materialism and individualism.

“It can be so easy in today’s globalised economic world order to be blinded by figures and statistics and to seek comfort in our wealth and economic security. It can equally be simple for our youths to think that life is about enjoyment and finding the fastest way to get high.

“But life is so much more and while we can add many more digits to our bank accounts, we should ensure we are not emptying ourselves of the core values that make us humans.   

“That is why our social workers are so crucial in today’s society. They remind us of our humanity, of our responsibility to our fellow brothers and sisters, of ensuring that we never forget that we all have a moral and social obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Our social workers embody this responsibility and they do it on all our behalf.

Whether it is children, the elderly, victims of abuse, the disabled, the homeless or substance addicts, our social workers are at the forefront of this challenge every day. What they do remind us is that we are still a society that cares for everyone of its members.

“On this Social Work Day therefore, I appeal not just to our social workers but to every Seychellois. We all have a role to play in the new Seychelles. There are many challenges we need to face and address. Let us take ownership of our actions, of our communities and be partners in the development of our New Seychelles.
“I wish all our social workers a blessed day and courage and strength for the future.”

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