Major move to ease sailing for our ships


Mr Alcindor launching the efforts yesterday

Following President James Michel’s visit to Sri Lanka, two experts from that country are here to help us kick start the efforts in which proper training is a key requirement.

Captain Dular Amarasuriya told Nation that ships flying flags of countries that are not on the list are  targeted for stricter and lengthier inspection by state port control authorities who may choose not to accept seafarers with certificates issued by non White List countries for service on its ships.

He is a master mariner from Sri Lanka’s Colombo International Nautical & Engineering College (Cinec) which Mr Michel visited in August last year and said:

“I was greatly impressed by the training offered by Cinec, and we have discussed the possibility to develop a partnership with the Seychelles Maritime Training Centre (MTC).”

The college trains 14,000 students a year and offers programmes of maritime science study from certificate level to Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees with internationally recognised certification.

One of the conditions for a country to be accepted on the White List is to have properly trained and qualified seafarers, hence among the people attending the launch of the efforts yesterday at the Seychelles Petroleum Company were principal secretary for education Merida Delcy and MTC’s top instructors including its head Brian Hoareau.

Also present were the director general of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration Joachim Valmont and senior Seychelles Coast Guard officials.

Giving our local team presentations on what we need to do to be on the White List with Capt Amarasuriya was Sri Lankan consultant in maritime training, chief engineer Leslie Hemachandra.
As a follow up to Mr Michel’s visit, the head of Cinec and his deputy came to Seychelles to see how the college can help improve our maritime training.

Launching the presentations, the acting director for technical and further training Jean Alcindor said among what Mr Michel wanted was for Cinec to help the MTC with curriculum improvement specifically targeting access into the White List.

He said after meeting with Education Minister Macsuzy Mondon and Mrs Delcy, they wrote a report on their fact finding mission with recommendations on how we can achieve that goal.
“They also urged the further training of trainers and revision of the maritime training

Capt Amarasuriya – who met Mr Michel’s delegation in Sri Lanka – said his team is happy to support our efforts “from the bottom of our hearts”.

President Michel visiting the Colombo International Nautical & Engineering College (Cinec) in August last year

He said the presentations were centred on showing us what are the requirements for a country to get on the vital list and how to attain them, how Sri Lanka got on it and the way they overcame the challenges they faced and also to prepare the fishing industry to meet upcoming regulations.

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