Artists to hold fairs to showcase their work


The meeting with visual artists

Addressing visual artists at the Nac hall on Tuesday, Mr Savy said he is envisaging the first one on April 5, which will be a Friday, in the Stad Popiler car park.
Musicians will be encouraged to come and play light music and sell their CDs.

Mr Savy said that visiting some painters, he is amazed at how much talent there is locally and most of us are unaware of that.
He said he is convinced that there is a lot of marketing potential for local works of art.

“People putting up a new building or building a new house will obviously want something beautiful to adorn their sitting areas or verandahs,” he said.
Some artists have complained that tourists are not buying enough. Mr Savy said it is known that vacationers staying at the five-star resorts rarely venture out, besides for the odd excursions. He said artists should go out and publicise themselves and market their products, targeting everyone including residents.

He said that the Society of Authors and Composers of Seychelles (Sacs) has since its setting up been rather successful in securing royalties for local singers and musicians for the use of their songs, from the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), the telecommunication companies and now from the hotels too.

He said visual artists should also think along the same lines. The whole mindset must be changed, he said.
Visual artists unanimously agreed that only local art work should be on sale at the art fairs.  There were suggestions that every artist must be given adequate space to showcase their drawings or paintings and that such works not be cluttered around.

There were also questions regarding the Art Village. Mr Savy said government has allocated a site, an architect has drawn up the plans and now the necessary funding is being secured to move ahead.

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