PS Fanny awarded doctorate degree


Dr Steve Fanny“The government and people of Seychelles join me in extending to you our warmest congratulations on this remarkable academic achievement.  You have demonstrated the ability to dedicate yourself to academic endeavour at the highest level. By attaining a higher degree of specialisation, you will undoubtedly ensure the rigorous development of finance policy, as well as sharing new and expert insight with your colleagues.  Furthermore you have set an important example for professional development within the public sector, as this is crucial to the improvement of our services and capacities to manage a wide range of portfolios which require technical expertise. We welcome more Seychellois experts across the board!” said President Michel.

During his doctoral studies, Dr Fanny spent five years of part-time study on eight specialisations as well as completing a thesis entitled “The opportunities and challenges for developing Islamic financial services in the Seychelles”.

Concurrent to his job, he has been a part-time lecturer for the London School of Economics (LSE) and Manchester University Bachelors degree Twinning Programme, the National University of Ireland’s Master in Strategic Management and Leadership, the Seychelles Institute of Management and the Seychelles Polytechnic, where he taught and hosted Business Taxation, Accounting and Finance related subjects.

Dr Fanny holds a number of different professional qualifications in Accounting and Finance and a Masters in Audit Management and Consultancy specialising in Forensic Accounting.

Before being appointed the principal secretary of Finance and Trade, Dr Fanny was previously the chief executive of the Seychelles International Business Authority. During his career, he also headed the Internal Audit Division in the Central Bank of Seychelles, where he worked for three years.

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