Minister gives details on asylum request by Tunisian national


The PNQ was put forward by the leader of opposition in the National Assembly David Pierre who also wanted to know if the government is taking into account the red notice issued internationally against Mr El Matri.

Mr Adam said various agencies and departments are involved in this process such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, department of home affairs and the office of the Attorney General.
Mr Adam said the Tunisian national is in Seychelles on a visitor’s permit and the government is working on this case based on various considerations and the Attorney General will give his view on it soon.

The country’s existing laws and the international conventions which Seychelles forms part will have to be taken into account when doing an assessment to determine whether or not to accept the application.

Mr Adam said the Tunisian national is seeking asylum in Seychelles because of the situation in his country at present.
He added that the request made by Mr El Matri does not necessarily mean that the government will grant the demand.

“His request for asylum in Seychelles does not essentially mean that he is asking for citizenship,” he said.

Mr Adam said the government is aware that there is a red notice issued by the Interpol but that this is not considered as an arrest warrant.

He said each country has to analyse the demand of the red notice and carry out its investigation according to its own laws and capacity.

In the case of Mr El Matri, the red notice has been issued by the government of Tunisia and it is based on the crimes they say he has committed back in that country.
The Seychelles government has given the Interpol all the necessary information such as confirming that Mr El Matri is in Seychelles.

Mr Adam said the government has to consider this demand based on our laws and it is clear that the Tunisian national has not committed any crime in Seychelles.

“If we are going to arrest him, we will have to ensure that the charges against him are accurate and credible,” he said.

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