Indian association delivers on promise


Some of the donations given to the school by the association

Present at the ceremony, held at the school, were Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon, principal secretary Merida Delcy, members of the association and of the school council, parents, teachers and students.

The school was adopted by the association last year when it promised to help it carry out its five-year project which aimed to develop and boost the teaching and learning process.

Thanks to the association headed by Vijay Patel, the school now has its own reading centre, has benefited from numerous donations of educational materials, refurbishment of its dining room and many other activities.

In her address, the school’s head Shirley Hoareau said the members of the association have become part of the Port Glaud school and will always be.

She commended the association for completing the school’s five-year plan within eight months.

Miss Hoareau also expressed her gratitude to all members of the association for adopting the school and for making a difference in the lives of the pupils and staff.

“This has brought great difference in terms of performance and making the school environment conducive to learning,” she added.

“Surely, this is an example that all businesses can follow as their workforce of tomorrow depends on the product of today.”

Miss Hoareau called on the students to take their studies more seriously and use the gifts from the association wisely so that they can produce better results.

To the parents, she urged them to teach their children good values and how to appreciate and take care of everything being given to them.

She also called on them to encourage their children to work hard at school because after all you are the ones who will be proud of them.

Miss Hoareau also called on the teachers to keep working hard so that the school will be among the best.
The students of the school have produced good results during the last exams especially the national exams, and said the project has had a great role to play in these achievements.

Tokens of appreciation were presented to Minister Mondon and members of the association.

Mrs Mondon thanked the association for contributing greatly towards the school’s development.

On behalf of the association, its vice-chairperson Ramu Pillay thanked the ministry for giving them the chance to adopt the school and for making a difference in the lives of those children.

He also thanked Miss Hoareau and staff for their support and said the association will still give a helping hand to the school.

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