EU assists with formulation of medium-term strategic plan 2013-2017 for education


Working Session in progress with IIEP experts made possible through the financial support of EU

To undertake this major project, the ministry is being assisted by the International Institute of Educational Planning (IIEP) through a grant funded by the European Union (EU).

IIEP experts were in Seychelles in February and March 2013 to conduct professional development and working sessions with various personnel of the ministry. Since the initiation of the project, two sessions have been conducted. The first session took place in February 2013.

The primary objectives of the March working sessions were to assist the ministry in updating existing data that are set to be used for the formulation of the MTSP 2013-2017. As educational planning experts, the IIEP delegates are also assisting with the collection of new information that would be used for a situational analysis during the compilation of the new MTSP 2013-2017.

World Bank in two of the PER dissemination sessions with education senior management and other officials

In the context of reforms in the financial sector, the Ministry of Education is also one of the ministries where the Planning Programming Budgeting System (PPBS) is being piloted.  Consequently, a group of World Bank representatives who were in Seychelles conducting a Public Expenditure Review (PER) also held various sessions with education senior management and other officials in line with financial management in education sector. 

According to the ministry, conducting the two exercises simultaneously has proved highly beneficial for the ministry in that the World Bank review gives the Ministry of Education the financial perspective of education, and at the same time complements various elements of the IIEP sessions for the compilation of the cost dimensions of the MTSP 2013-2017.
The next work working session is scheduled for April 2013.

Achievements so far:

• Training of around 25 personnel in the process of developing the MTSP
• Drafting of organisational arrangements for the development process of the MTSP 2013-2017
• Agreement on the sub-sectors of education to feature in the MTSP (early childhood and primary/secondary/tertiary)
• Compiling and circulating of list of relevant reference documents for the development of the MTSP 2013-2017
• Initial proposals on cross-cutting themes/priority areas for the MTSP 2013-2017.

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