Athletics: fourth school cross-country championships


Anse Royale athletes celebrating their overall win

Ranked number one in the girls’ class with 32 points, Anse Royale amassed 46 points – six more than overall runner-up Beau Vallon’s total of 40.

Winner of the boys’ title with 25 points, Pointe Larue finished third overall with 37.
Athletes from different secondary schools on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue took part in the championships jointly organised by the Ministry of Education and the Seychelles Athletics Federation.
Director of physical education and co-curriculum support in the Ministry of Education Wilfred Adrien presented the medals and cups to the winners.

All top three finishers in each category received medals and a cash prize for their effort. In the U14 group, the top three received R150, R100 and R75, while those of the U16 and U18 groups pocketed R200, R150 and R100.

In the U14 category, the athletes covered 1.5km (3/4 lap of the trail), while the U16 and U18 athletes ran 2km (one lap) and 4km (two laps) respectively.
Meryl Rabat of Anse Royale was the girls’ U14 1.5km race winner with a time of 5 minutes 42.36 seconds (5:42.36). La Digue’s Kella Bibi (5:57.68) and Frances Rose (6:23.21) were ranked second and third.

Pointe Larue’s Stevio Legaie triumphed in the boys’ U14 race with a time of 5:09.42, and was followed in second and third places by English River’s Dean Saunders (5:22.03) and Beau Vallon’s Michel Evenor (5:75.09).

Anse Royale’s Andria Auguste was too strong for the rest of the field in the girls’ U16 2km race, winning in a time of 7:31.65. English River’s Annissa Emile (7:42.10) and Anse Royale’s Diane Belle (7:55.43) finished second and third.

The boys’ U16 2km race winner was Adrian Medor of Beau Vallon with a time of 6:46.81, followed in second and third places by Plaisance’s Ricky Pool (6:47.94) and La Digue’s Archille Ernesta (6:51.41).

Runner-up in the girls’ U14 race last year, Naomie Barra chose not to run in either the U14 or U16 divisions but to compete in the 4km race for U18-year-olds and she was a winner.
The 13-year-old left all her opponents in her wake with a more-than-a-minute cushion win. She won the girls’ U18 4km race in 16:43.63, relegating Beau Vallon’s Hilary Robert (17:88.04) and Plaisance’s Ezra Almaze (18:03.37) into second and third places.

Coach Gerish Rachel’s tactic to have one of his best runners in all three categories paid off and his athletes had all the reasons to celebrate their win.

“We thank God Almighty for His grace and for giving us the strength to run well today (yesterday). We worked hard as team and I would also like to thank all our trainers,” Barra told Sports Nation.
Meanwhile, the boys’ U18 4km race winner was Yannick Magnan of Pointe Larue school with a time of 13:56.89.
Magnan was followed in second place by schoolmate Dino Mirabeau (14:22.62) and La Digue’s Don Fanchette (14:27.66).

Best schools
Girls: 1. Anse Royale (32 points), 2. Beau Vallon (18 points), 3. Plaisance (17 points)
Boys: 1. Pointe Larue (25 points), 2. Beau Vallon (22 points), 3. English River (20 points)
Best overall school: 1. Anse Royale (46 points), 2. Beau Vallon (40 points), 3. Pointe Larue (37 points)

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