First Lady visits children’s homes


The tour started with the home run by the Roman Catholic Mission, the Foyer de Nazareth, which is a boys’ home at Anse Etoile, followed by the Sisters of Charity, another institution helping children and to which Mrs Michel also gives support through various donations.  

Mrs Michel’s third and final stops were at the Foyer de La Providence and Foyer de la Solitude respectively, both homes also run by the Roman Catholic Mission.

The visit permitted Mrs Michel to hold discussions with the management of each home and listen to their points of concerns, areas of focus and offer support.

On their part, the management team of each home took the opportunity to solicit the support and assistance of the First Lady in different matters related to the children’s well-being and areas needing improvement and support.

As for the President’s Village, in view that it falls directly under the Seychelles Children’s Foundation, Mrs Michel undertakes regular visits there to personally see progress of the renovation work, which is in its final stage now, and to hold discussions with the village management on the general operation and upkeep of the village.

Mrs Michel was accompanied on her tour by the chief executive officer of the Seychelles Children’s Foundation, Noella Gontier, and other senior staff members of the foundation.

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