SNYC celebrates 10th anniversary of Youth Assembly


Members of the 10th Youth Assembly in a souvenir photo with guests

The ceremony, held at the International Conference Centre auditorium on Saturday, was attended by Vice-President Danny Faure; Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Vincent Meriton; Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Herminie, and the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, David Pierre.

SNYC’s chief executive, Vicky Van Der Westhuizen, said the occasion marked a very special moment in the history of the youth council.
“Today, we are assembled here to witness the inauguration of the tenth National Youth Assembly,” she said.
“The Seychelles National Youth Assembly is an exceptional educational platform initiated by our government to give the youth of our country a unique opportunity to represent their districts and educational institutions.

“The youth have also received a chance to develop their abilities to do research and analysis and learn to agree or disagree with their colleagues in a respectful and tolerant manner. This programme gives the youth the space to stay active in their communities in many ways and gives them the opportunity to play a part in developing our small country.”

Ms Van Der Westhuizen said that most importantly, the Youth Assembly had discovered some very talented individuals, who later went on to achieve great things for the country. She announced that over the past ten years, some 353 young people have been through the programme with great success.

“The youth has always been a very dynamic section of society,” said Ms Van Der Westhuizen. “It is our duty to remain attentive with regards to their development. Today, I address the members from last year who are leaving the programme: remember what you have learned and stay active in your communities. Do not hesitate to step forward to help others younger than you. To the members of the tenth Youth Assembly: take your responsibilities seriously and enact your duties with compassion and enlightenment. Respect the voice of the youth and encourage the young people of Seychelles to use this opportunity given to them by our government.”

In his address, the newly elected Speaker of the National Youth Assembly, Ziggy Adam, said it was a great privilege to be a part of the tenth National Youth Assembly.

“We will try as much as possible to stay connected to the voice of the youth and to gain their support and confidence. This task will not be easy, but it is a challenge we are determined to meet.”

Outgoing speaker of the ninth Youth Assembly, Hansel Vidot, said that although the members of last year’s Youth Assembly were leaving the programme, it did not mean that they were saying goodbye. Mr Vidot said they intend to remain active in the development of their communities and the country as a whole, using the skills they have developed from the programme.

He then led members of the outgoing assembly in presenting gifts to the executive members of the SNYC for their encouragement and dedication.

The SNYC was set up in accordance with an Act approved by the National Assembly and enacted by the President of the Republic in 1997. It is managed by a seven-member executive committee elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years and serves as a medium for dialogue between the youth and government. It reflects to government the views and opinions expressed by the youth and non-governmental voluntary organisations representing them.

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