VP Faure attends Kenyan President’s inauguration


Vice-President Danny Faure

During his visit to Nairobi, the Vice-President also conveyed his felicitations to the newly sworn in Vice-President, William Ruto.

Vice-President Faure has hailed the strength of the long-standing relations between the two countries and has welcomed the renewed resolve of President Kenyatta, as declared in his inauguration speech, to fight terrorism and piracy in all its forms.

"Seychelles and Kenya share a unique region that is renowned for its beauty and cultural diversity. We must continue to work together to promote mutual benefit through industries such as tourism, while we also reiterate our resolve to combat threats such as piracy. We congratulate Kenya on its continued strong stance on this issue as highlighted by President Kenyatta, and Seychelles will continue to work together on this matter," Vice-President Faure said.

The Vice-President was accompanied by Jean-Paul Adam, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and David Pierre, the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly.
Vice-President Faure noted that the spirit of the ceremony was one of unity beyond party lines, and that Seychelles has once again illustrated its commitment to inclusion and dialogue by sending such a delegation to the ceremony.

Seychelles has also congratulated the Kenyan people who voted peacefully in the recent elections as well as all those who have taken part as candidates in the presidential race.

Vice-President Faure also congratulated Raila Odinga, the former Prime Minister of the coalition government, on his statesmanship and for also continuing to advocate peace among his supporters.

Son of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, whose name remains synonymous with the east African economic giant as its founding President, Mr Kenyatta was sworn in as the fourth head-of-state of the Republic of Kenya, together with his vice, Ruto in a colourful inauguration ceremony at Kasarani sports centre, Nairobi on Tuesday.
Mr Kenyatta beat Raila Odinga by 50.07% to 43.28%, avoiding a run-off by just 8,100 votes.

Odinga challenged the results in court, but Kenya’s Supreme Court upheld Kenyatta’s win on March 30. The gap between the two candidates was 800,000 votes.

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