Cycling-Mathieu wins ITT on comeback


MATHIEU … ITT winner on comeback

The Strong Riders cyclist’s winning time at the end of the 36.4km race was 50 minutes 08 seconds (50:08), relegating St Francis’ veteran rider Ricky Rosalie into second position with 51:32.
Up-and-coming young cyclist Fadi Confiance of Echo Cycling Club completed the medals podium with a third place finish in a time of 52:10.

The other 10 finishers were Andy Rose (St Francis, 52:24), Edward Pothin (St Francis, 52:56), Ahmad Arrisol (Journey Cycling Club, 53:06), Raoul Gomme (Echo Cycling Club, 53:20), Dominic Arrisol (Journey Cycling Club, 53:39), Peter Alphonse (Journey Cycling Club, 54:47), Oscar Constance (Echo Cycling Club, 56:17), Mario Joubert (Journey Cycling Club, 56:35), Richard Felix (Echo Cycling Club, 58:04), and Eldrick Roucou (Journey Cycling Club, 1 hour 04 minutes 19 seconds).

Meanwhile, St Francis’ Andy Rose was the winner of this year’s fourth race – a 99.4km circuit race jointly sponsored by the Seychelles Cycling Association and Premier Auto Parts – contested on March 23.

He reached the finish line at Cascade in a time of 2 hours 35 minutes 08 seconds (2h35:08). Echo Cycling Club’s Gomme was second in 2h35:31 and his teammate Francis Louis was ranked third with 2h38:43. Four other riders also clocked the same time as Louis – St Francis’ Pothin, St Francis’ Rosalie, Journey’s Ahmad Arrisol and Echo’s Fadi Constance.
Journey’s Mario Joubert finished eighth in 2h45:31 and clubmate Dean Hoareau ninth in 2h49:08.

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