How to get started as a user of ASYCUDA World


To be able to have access to ASYCUDA World, a trader must submit an application in writing to the Assistant Commissioner of Customs seeking authorisation to be a Direct Trade Input user and by filling  to the Department of  Information Communication Technology (DICT) apply for a digital signature.  The applicant will also need to follow training conducted by the ASYCUDA Unit at the Customs Division before being provided with a password to access the ASYCUDA World. A two-week training session for users is currently under way.

How to obtain a digital signature?
To be able to validate a bill of entry, Direct Traders Input must also make an application with the Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT) for a digital signature to use with ASYCUDA World.  The applicant must fill a form and also provide his/her NIN and a recent passport photo. For more details about Digital signature a copy of the digital signature guide and copy of the form can be downloaded on SRC’s website: The form can also be downloaded from the DICT website at DICT can be contacted on tel: 4286609.

How can a Direct Trader Input (DTI) user be able to access ASYCUDA World?
 A DTI user can access ASYCUDA World through:

• ASYCUDA World Local connection:  This connection is for those who are under government domain and will not need internet connection to ASYCUDA World.  E.g. government departments and agencies; OR
• ASYCUDA World internet Connection:  this link will be used by businesses such as clearing agents and shipping agencies.

How to connect to ASYCUDA world?
1. Before starting to use ASYCUDA World you will need to make a last check on your system to configure the JAVA web start panel if you are using a proxy or a direct connection.  Click on ‘Start’ and ‘Run’ for the following command: javaws-viewers.  The system will display the Java cache viewer and the java cache control panel. Close the java cache viewer. Click on the frame called general – network setting. The system will display the following: Use bower settings: select this option if using ASYCUDA World internet connection; Use proxy setting; Use automatic proxy configuration script; Direct connection:  select this option if using ASYCUDA world local connection.

2. Now at this stage, the Direct Trader Input will be able to download ASYCUDA world Seychelles.  
• Go to the link:
• On the ASYCUDA World Seychelles page, now select the appropriate link to download either ASYCUDA World Local connection or ASYCUDA World Internet connection depending on the appropriate type of access for the trader.

3. By clicking on the chosen link the system will start downloading the application.
• Click on open and ensure that ‘Do this automatically for files like this from now’ has been selected, then click ok.  The system will download the application. This is done only the first time when connection is made to your PC.

4. The system   will automatically download updates on the ASYCUDA World every time connection is made to the application. If the system automatically open the login/password panel without any download before, Click on’ always trust content from this publisher” so that you are not asked a second time.

5. Press Run, the system will show the ASYCUDA world welcome Panel. Provide the login and passport and the application is ready to be used.

For more information
You can contact Seychelles Revenue Commission on 4293737 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us at the following address: Seychelles Revenue Commission, PO Box 50, Orion Mall, Victoria. You can also download the guide Get Started as an  ASYCUDA World user on SRC website:

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