Jahrimba releases new six-track CD


But why Seyga and not sega? The artist explains that this is to clearly differentiate our sega from those coming from other countries.

The collection of songs is a mix of Seychellois sega and Jamaican vibes which are very rhythmic.

The CD, which is the singer’s eighth piece of work, hit the music stand last week and young Jahrimba says he is very much encouraged by the positive feedback received so far.

“So far the feedback has been positive, very encouraging and my fans are happy,” says the singer.
He notes that the first number, which is also the title track -- Seyga Dancehall -- has been playing on the FM radio for some three weeks now and fans have no doubt been able to enjoy the vibes.

“I can assure my fans that all the other versions and mix songs are good. I have done my best to produce something good and innovative which will not disappoint them,” says Jahrimba.

The singer says the tracks are mainly focused on the richness of our music and more importantly the  social aspects of everyday life, including the different ills afflicting our society today.

“The song Zenn fiy specifically focuses on that, calling on our young girls to take better care of themselves and not be duped by money and be influenced and led astray in life,” says the artist.

The last track -- Sega Dancehall Remix -- features other popular artists like Smash Kid, KJ, Curious and Xtra Big.

The album, produced by the singer himself, has taken him some four months to complete.

The CD which is available at the different selling outlets costs R60 a copy but can be obtained for only R50 from Jahrimba himself.

For the fans on Praslin, the artist is expected there for a show on May 11.


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