Judo-Seychelles team leave for African championship


The judokas making the trip are Brigitte Rose (-78kg), Manuella Volcère (+78kg), Francis Labrosse (-66kg), Naddy Jeanne (-73kg), Leslie Philoé (-81kg), Leonel Savy (-90kg) and Dominic Dugasse (-100kg).

The competitors will be accompanied by coach Calix Cesar.
The first four local fighters expected to compete at the tournament are Manuella Volcère (+78kg), Brigitte Rose (-78kg), Dominic Dugasse (-100kg) and Leonel Savy (-90kg) on April 18. Francis Labrosse (-66kg), Leslie Philoé (-81kg) and Naddy Jeanne (-73kg) will compete on the following day.

Having followed an intensive training camp in France and competed in the Paris Grand Slam from February 9-10, the Seychellois judokas should be ready physically and in the right frame of mind to challenge for medals in Maputo.

The following are the judokas’ ranking: Brigitte Rose (51st worldwide in -78kg), Manuella Volcère (83rd worldwide in +78kg), Francis Labrosse (153rd worldwide in -66kg), Naddy Jeanne (270th worldwide in -73kg), Leslie Philoé (245th worldwide in -81kg), Leonel Savy (220th worldwide -90kg) and Dominic Dugasse (143rd worldwide in -100kg).
The judokas are expected back in the country on April 22.

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