President Michel congratulates new Venezuelan President


Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s President-elect

In a letter sent to the President-elect, President Michel conveyed his continued commitment to strengthening the bilateral relations between Seychelles and Venezuela:
“We are very much looking forward to enhancing our close cooperation for the long-term well-being of our nations, through close collaboration aimed at achieving new impetus to the development of the relations between our two countries.”

On behalf of the people and government of Seychelles, President Michel commended the President-elect for his determined dedication and commitment to serving his nation and the Venezuelan people.

It may be recalled that President Michel also wrote to Mr Maduro last month, in his previous capacity as executive vice-president, to express the sincere condolences of the Seychellois people following the death of the President of Venezuela, President Hugo Chávez Frias.

Venezuelan voters narrowly endorsed Hugo Chávez's choice of a successor in the Presidential election that gave Nicolás Maduro a six-year mandate to consolidate the ruling party's Bolivarian socialist revolution.

Maduro won with 7,505,338 votes or 50.66% and Capriles had 7,270,403 or 49.07%.

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