Busy Signal’s show postponed


Busy Signal’s Seychelles show has been postponed

Speaking on behalf of the organisers, Basil Bouchereau said the show has been postponed for reasons beyond their control.

“The new date of the show will be communicated later as we discuss with the artist’s promoters. Meanwhile, all ticketholders should keep their tickets and they will get the chance to meet up close with Busy and get an autograph. As for those who have not yet bought their tickets, they can still buy them,” said Mr Bouchereau.

After the artist and members of the High Voltage band returned to Jamaica earlier this week, there were rumors that they had been deported from Europe where they were on tour. The tour includes parts of Africa and the Middle East.

But a member of Busy Signal’s Turf team has since denied the deportation rumors, saying the tour is on a break and will resume next week.
The representative said: “During his on stage interview recently, Busy Signal stated that he was going on tour but that there would be breaks in between shows, so this is one of the breaks. Right now, Busy Signal and the Turf team are on a short European club tour, and this precedes the summer festival tour which will end closer to November.”

The artiste’s representative added that the promoter did not obtain an extension on their visas which prompted them to return to Jamaica.
“The promoter did not get an extension on the visas in time, so it was senseless for Busy Signal to be paying the band members and the tour bus driver to sit in a hotel room. The tour has been very successful and there are several clips on the internet with performances from the artiste.

Busy Signal was set to not only perform in Seychelles, but also Dubai, St Martin and Barbados.

Known for his songs like Reggae Music Again, Come Over (Missing You), Nah Go A Jail Again, Tic Toc, Hustle Hard, The Gambler, Dream Dream, Royal Night, Come Shock Out, Push and Shove, and You and Me, Busy Signal has already performed in cities like Ghent in Belgium, Paris in France, Basel in Switzerland on a his ‘Reggae Music Again’ tour.

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