Athletics: Coupe des Lancers -Debra Servina, Jean-Eve Roseline take three wins apiece


The competitors took part in shot put, hammer, discus and javelin throws.

In the women’s shot put, Debra Servina was the best performer in the youth category as she threw the object over a distance of 9.91m. She was followed in second place by Aicha Cushion whose best throw was 8.24m and Elza Lespoire finished third with 7.11m.

Marie-Helen Rose found herself as the solitary competitor in the junior category and she recorded a throw of 9.95m.
Murielle Joubert was unchallenged in the senior category and she managed a distance of 6.94m.

Jean-Eve Roseline who won the men’s shot put throw junior category with a distance of 9.41m with Aaron Mothée (9.05m) and Danny Prudence (8.70m) following in second and third places respectively.
As for the juniors, Dean William competed alone and he managed a distance of 9.95m.

Nelson Dodin won the senior category with a distance of 9.71m followed by Jude Sidonie (8.24) and John Athanase (7.70m).

Only competitors in the youth category took part in the discus event. Debra Servina once again came out first among the ladies with a distance of 20.90m with Aicha Cushion second (16.32m).
Jean-Eve Roseline was once again a winner with a best effort of 36.37m, while Kevin Marie (21.29m) and Miguel Nolin (20.78m) were second and third respectively.

In javelin, Aicha Cushion finally came out first with a distance of 35.06m, way ahead of second placed Carol Valentin (11.96m) and Carol Antat (9.48m) who finished third in the youth category. 
In the male event, Jean-Eve Roseline continued his solid day with another first place by throwing the javelin over a distance of 40.93m. Miguel Nolin was second with 30.16m and Timothy Kate third with 27.67m.

There were two senior competitors in the men’s javelin won by Kenny Furneau with a distance of 40.14m. Jude Sidonie came out second with 34.19m.

In hammer throw for the women, Debra Servina won the youth category with a distance of 15.65m, while in the junior category Marie-Helen Rose won with throw of 22.61m.
Marlon Mothée won the male hammer youth category with a throw of 17.04m. Alvin Nicette came second with 15.79m followed by Noah Jean-Louis with 12.59m.

Dean William took the junior category with a best performance of 47.40m.

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