President appoints two new boards


Rene Morel, chairperson of the La Digue consultative board            Wills Agricole, chairperson of the Seychelles Energy Commission

The Seychelles Energy Commission board is chaired by Wills Agricole, who is also the principal secretary for environment and energy. Joseph François is the vice-chairperson, while the members are Tony Imaduwa, Jean Rassool, Noella Vinda, Juliana Legaie and Conrad Mondon.
The appointment took effect yesterday.

Following the repeal of the La Digue Development Fund Order, 1997, on February 21, 2013, the La Digue Development Board (LDDB) has ceased to exist, and a new La Digue consultative board has been set up to advise government on the future development of the island. The President has appointed René Morel as the chairperson of the board and the other members are Gregoire Payet (member), Barbara Barallon (member, DA ex-officio), Chantal Ghislain (member, MNA ex-officio), Gretel Quatre (treasurer), Alain de Commarmond (member), Gerald Lablache (member), Robert Pool (member), Marie-Cécile Fanchette (member) and Lenny Lablache (member).  

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