No petro-chemical contamination in river at Solitude


A press release from the Ministry of Health writes that an investigation was done following complaints received by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, as well as the public health department that a river at Solitude was contaminated by petroleum products.

During the investigation, there was no evidence or sign of any petro chemical contaminations, says the press release.
“It was noticed, however, that several households were extracting water from that same river for household use and laboratory tests conducted on untreated water samples taken from certain homes in that area have shown bacterial contamination,” notes the release.

Such bacterial contaminations are not unusual but tend to be more prominent during the dry seasons when rivers are running low.

The release adds that despite the many announcements made in the media, several houses around the country are still using untreated river water for household use.

The public health department is, therefore, once again appealing to members of the public to refrain from using untreated river water for household use. Only treated water from private or Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) connections and from PUC bowsers should be used.

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