Minister inspects road projects at Anse Aux Pins


He was accompanied by officials from the Department of Transport and the Seychelles Land Transport Agency (SLTA).

As the road provides access to only a portion of the residents in that area, the aim of the visit was for the minister to gain a better understanding of the issues at hand and the possible constraints that might affect the extension of the road in the future.

“There is a need to extend this road further and it is very important for us to contemplate the community needs and understand the practical aspects of continuing this road, as we are investing public funds,” said the minister.

The minister also took the opportunity to visit the beach area of the district to discuss the best approach to connect the area to the Ile Soleil development project, where a residential housing project, a light industrial complex, as well as a tourism establishment is being proposed, among others.

The accompanying photographs show Minister Morgan and his team during his site visit.


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