Seychelles and Sri Lanka seal new air service accord


Messrs Faure (right) and Nimalsiri signing the agreement

The conclusion of this agreement comes following the first state visit to Sri Lanka of President James Michel in August last year, where he described improvements in air links between the two countries as critical instruments for the growth and development of trade and travel as well as other economic cooperation.

This agreement replaces the air transport agreement that was concluded since 1987, bringing new impetus to the existing strong ties of friendship and partnership in the field of civil aviation, encouraging the airlines of Seychelles and Sri Lanka to seriously look into establishing services either through direct connections or codeshare operations via plausible intermediate countries.
The new agreement was signed by Gilbert Faure, chief executive officer of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), on behalf of the government of Seychelles and Nimalsiri, director general of the civil aviation authority of Sri Lanka, on behalf of the government of Sri Lanka.

Mr Faure was also accompanied by senior air transport officer of SCAA, Florence Marengo, and the First Secretary Johnette Stephen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The agreement is a continuity of our dedication towards the development of the air transport industry for the advancement of the national economy," said Mr Faure after the signing.

Joel Morgan, Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, expressed his satisfaction upon this achievement: "The new arrangement is another milestone for Seychelles, a commitment made by President Michel during his official visit (to Sri Lanka) in August last year. It is part of the government's vision to diversify the tourism industry, promote trade and investment by improving accessibility to all corners of the world. The aeronautical authorities have set the stage, it remains now for the airlines to effectively tap into the various economic benefits that are at their disposal," he said.

The air service agreement between Seychelles and Sri Lanka concludes one among a series of bilateral programmes under negotiations by the two countries.

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