Children from homes visit French navy ship


Children were fascinated to see the helicopters on board the BPC Tonnerre and also visited the flight deck area

The ship is visiting Port Victoria this week as part of its Jeanne d’Arc 2013 mission under the command of Captain Jean-François Quérat.

The warship represents a helicopter carrier, an amphibious assault ship, a command and control ship as well as a hospital.
Commissioned in 2007, BPC Tonnerre is 200m in length and has the capacity to project forces by landing crafts and helicopters.

It can be involved in a wide variety of operations such as crisis prevention, involvement in United Nations peacekeeping missions, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and European Union operations and population rescue interventions.

The helicopter hangar was the area which fascinated the children the most. It has a storage capacity for 16 helicopters.

Children from homes visit French navy ship

They also visited the flight deck area which has six helicopter spots, the vehicle deck among other areas before enjoying refreshments and interacting with some cadet officers.
Our picture on front page show the children and their guardians in a souvenir photograph with the ship’s captain.

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