First Lady interacts with children in homes


The meeting forms part of Mrs Michel’s interaction plan with children in homes during the school holiday. 

Mrs Michel recently conducted her annual visits to the homes during which she met the homes management staff to discuss the main challenges and areas where the SCF’s help was needed.
The challenges discussed were particularly those impacting the children’s school performance and family reintegration.
Mrs Michel has also recently looked at the individual performance of the children at school through their school reports and other feedback from the schools to the homes.
Mrs Michel’s encounter with the children yesterday has been described as “very interactive and participatory”.

“The children freely gave their views on village life, school life, as well as their concerns, their hopes and aspirations. They also gave their views on how things could be generally improved for them at the different levels both now and for the future,” says a press release from the SCF.
After the President’s Village, Mrs Michel will be interacting with children from the other homes. Thereafter she will hold meetings with the different partners involved with the children homes to discuss issues impacting the life of those children.

The main aim of those meetings is how to better work together at improving the situation of those children during the time they are in care and how to better address the challenges brought to her attention during her recent visit to the homes.


Mrs Michel also hopes to be able to bring forward the children’s views and aspirations brought to her by the children during her personal interaction with them.

The accompanying photos show Mrs Michel during her interaction with the children at the President’s Village.

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