Seychelles Martin Roucou named best tanker student worldwide


President Michel congratulates Mr Roucou

Roucou was invited to State House yesterday where he met President James Michel, who congratulated him on his excellent results achieved in his BSc degree course in marine and plant engineering sponsored by the Seychelles Petroleum Company (Sepec).

Also present were Sepec chief executive Conrad Benoiton, secretary general of the executive office of the President Lise Bastienne, and Sepec crewing manager Alain Asba.
Speaking to the press after meeting President Michel yesterday morning, Roucou said he was not even expecting to receive an award.

“What made it all the more unexpected for me was the fact that when they called out for me during the graduation ceremony, they called me by the wrong name. Instead of Martin Roucou, they announced Michael Roucou, and I hesitated in my seat, not sure if it was really me or not, although the surname was certainly mine,” he recalled.

“The error was quickly rectified though, and I had re-collected myself enough to go collect my award.”
He added that to him the award represents his hard work, and also good behaviour.

“The award is given not only for academic performance, so I’m pretty sure my conduct, practical and other factors had been taken into consideration as well,” he said.
Roucou also feels his prior experience on board tankers had also helped him immensely in his studies.

“I had worked for two spells on a contract basis aboard tankers before I joined the course, and I could easily follow whatever was being explained most of the time in class as it was related to my past experiences,” he said.

He added that his class started with 40 students, but only 25 completed the course, among them 17 Seychellois.
President Michel congratulated Mr Roucou on his outstanding performance and urged him to do even better in his career.

“I congratulate you on your perseverance in your studies and the excellent results you achieved. Continue to learn, continue to work well, so that you can progress in the ranks of the company. You have shown that a small nation such as Seychelles can achieve greatness. I count on you to make our country shine,” said President Michel.

Mr Roucou is now a licensed third engineer on petroleum tanker Seychelles Progress and it is his dream to work hard, get the required sea-time and other requirements to be a second engineer, and even a chief engineer one day.  

Mr Roucou was part of a group of 33 Seychellois students who undertook their four-year studies at the National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork. Eight graduated in 2012.

Sepec has a total of 22 Seychellois cadets training in various categories on the petroleum tankers it owns, in order to ensure the future crews of the ships retain Seychellois expertise and seamanship.

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