Celebrating the achievements of our students- • Post-secondary school 2012 graduation ceremonies


As President James Michel stressed during his February 2013 State-of-the-nation address, our ambition is to have young Seychellois professionals at all levels who are able to lead and draw benefits from technological, economic and social progress:

“Government will continue to invest at all levels in education to ensure that there is sustainable progress, better results, better performances by students, a high-level of education that meets the expectations and needs of our people in this new century.”
President James Alix Michel
State-of-the-nation address, February 2013

The post-secondary centres’ graduation ceremonies of 2012 cohorts of students over the past weeks are a testament of the hard work and achievements of the students as they persevered to complete their studies with success.
“We can do better,” said the Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon in her message dedicated to all staff at the start of the academic year 2013.

It is in that same spirit that the Ministry of Education urges all students to take their studies seriously in order to make themselves, their parents, their teachers and Seychelles proud.

Well Done Students!

This feature is dedicated to the outstanding and President’s award winners of the 2012 cohort of post-secondary graduates.

After her cohort graduated, she said she was proud to have clinched the cup, adding:
“I am overjoyed to have won. I feel very emotional and was I not expecting it but I am very happy to have won the President’s Cup for the NIHSS.”

National Institute of Health and Social Studies President’s Cup winner Annabelle Clothilde.

“I am very happy to have won the President’s Cup, and I look forward to joining the world of work in the field of agriculture and possibly if the opportunity presents itself, continue to further my studies.”

Vincent Barreau
Outstanding award, SAHTC

«Pa zanmen dekouraze, kontinyen persevere malgre parfwa
i annan difikilte ek lobstak. Ou osi en zour ou ava arive fer li.»

Stephanie Augustin
Outstanding award, School of Visual Arts

“I worked hard, studied hard and placed all my efforts into my studies and today I am very happy.”

                                                                                                                          Kavinia Karunakaran
Minister’s Cup & Gold award, Excellence awards, Best performer
in Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics, School of Advanced Level Studies

«Mon fyer ozordi pour sa ki mon’n kapab akonpli e mon
vreman kontan, aprezan mon’n pare pour antre dan lemonn travay.»

                                                                                                                             Jean-Francois Figaro
President’s Cup, School of Advanced Level Studies

“To all my fellow students, take your studies seriously,
stay focused and eventually you will reap the rewards.”

Matty Molta
Outstanding award, School of Business Studies

«Mon ti konnen mon kapab fer li, e mon’n travay dir.
Konman mesaz pour lezot etidyan ek zenn, mon dir zot pran
zot letid o serye akoz lavi pe vin de plizanpli difisil. »
Jean-Paul Bacco 
Outstanding award, Seychelles Institute of Technology

«Toultan met tou ou zefor e reste konsantre lo ou bi, se
sa ki’n fer mwan reisir!»
Alex Barra
President’s Cup winner, Maritime Training Centre
«Mon vreman fyer e ranpli avek lakontantman, mon’n travay
dir e partisip aktivman dan bann aktivite akademik e sportiv.
Avek en bon latitid e konportman tou i posib.»

Leeroy Gamatis
President’s Cup winner, 2012 Seychelles Institute of Technology

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