Taiwanese TV to produce travel documentaries on Seychelles


The programme, which is broadcast three times a week on Taiwan’s Channel 30 SET TV, is among the most famous worldwide travel-focused programmes in SET TV. It leads the audience to different countries to experience various local cultures. The programme has aired adventure documentaries filmed in more than 60 countries, such as Belize, Bhutan, Solomon Island, Israel, Lebanon, Switzerland, Croatia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, India, Nepal, Guam, New Zealand, Tunisia, France, Germany, America, Namibia, Mexico, South Africa, England, Finland, Turkey, Guatemala, and Iran.

During the show, the beautiful lands, cultures, customs, and cuisines are introduced to the audiences.

Moreover, the programme won the Taiwan Golden Bell Prize – the most important prize of broadcast television in Taiwan – in 2004 and 2007.

Since its start in 1993, SET TV has become the highest rated channel and most popular television station in Taiwan, holding presently some 15% market share. With more than 100 TV channels in Taiwan, this means there are more than 345,000 viewers watching SET TV.

The filming tour of the five-member crew consisting of a director, a host, a programmer and two cameramen was sponsored by Air Seychelles, facilitated and supported by the Seychelles Tourism Board.
“This forms part of the airline’s effort to boost tourism traffic from Taiwan and Asia now that it has air links with Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi,” said Josie Michaud-Payet, the airline’s manager for corporate communications.

Ms Michaud-Payet said Air Seychelles has had the support of its local trade partners to host the Taiwanese crew. These are Creole Travel Services (CTS) who was a key player in offering transfers and excursions, while accommodation was provided by Coral Strand Hotel, Le Méridien Barbarons, Kempinski Resort, Raffles Praslin, Indian Ocean Lodge Praslin, Constance Ste Anne Resort & Spa, and Bird Island Lodge. Blue Water Charters offered a fishing experience.

“Air Seychelles is extremely grateful to its trade partners especially CTS and STB who have given their 100% backing to this project and the people of Seychelles for welcoming the team on home soil and for taking part in the documentaries,” said Ms Michaud-Payet.

She said the crew left Seychelles on Thursday afternoon onboard an Air Seychelles flight to Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi. They carried back with them many kilos of precious footage that they described as “invaluable possessions”. 

“They were exceptionally mesmerised by the beauty and simplicity of Bird Island where humans live in harmony with nature,” added Ms Michaud-Payet.
She said they have all vowed to come back for business as well as for holidays.

“The Taiwanese people will fall absolutely in love with Seychelles which is really and truthfully ‘another world’,” they said.
The accompanying photographs show the crew getting off the plane on Bird Island and some filming sessions there.

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