Nisa staff enlightened on workplace ethics


Mrs Lafortune addressing Nisa staff members during the talk

National Ethics Commission chief executive Anne Lafortune enlightened staff of Nisa, which produces the daily Seychelles Nation newspaper, about ethics in the workplace, saying they are important for business success.

Workplace ethics are codes of conduct that influence the development of an ethical culture within the workplace and are one of three types of ethics. The other two are personal and professional ethics.

Mrs Lafortune explained that organisations that have a well-defined ethics policy that is followed closely will have better morale.

“If there is no work code in a workplace, there won’t be any success,” said Mrs Lafortune, adding that employees who don’t follow the code should not be tolerated.

“Every employee without exception should abide by the code of ethics of their work organisation and it is important for all workers being recruited to agree with the workplace guidelines before being employed,” she said.

Seen as the glue that holds organisations together, workplace ethics inspire communication between employees, allow for respect to be extended to each person within the organisation, and promote customer relationships that are based on honesty and integrity.

Mrs Lafortune noted that following workplace behaviour ethics closely will not alone eliminate unethical issues. She added that managers have to be proactive and train their subordinates how to handle unethical issues.

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