Volleyball-SVF secures sponsorship deal


Camilla Francourt presents two volleyballs to Mr Moutia in the presence of SVF chairman Florentine and young player Lance Henry

At the end of the ongoing league competitions – Space 95-sponsored men’s and women’s first division, and Kokonet-sponsored men’s and women’s second division – the winners and runners-up will be given cash rewards.

This has been made possible after the Seychelles Volleyball Federation (SVF) and local IT company Space 95 and internet service provider Kokonet signed a deal on Friday afternoon at the Palais des Sports.

Chairman Jude Florentine signed the document on behalf of the SVF and managing director Bernard Moutia for Space 95 and Kokonet.

Local IT company Space 95 sponsors the men’s and women’s first division leagues, while internet service provider kokonet is the main sponsor of the men’s and women’s second divisions.

The agreement signed between the different parties states that Space 95 and Kokonet get full naming rights to the competitions – Space 95 men’s and women’s first division, and Kokonet men’s and women’s second division.

Banners and logos of Space 95 and Kokonet will also be displayed at venues where volleyball matches are played.
In the agreement, the SVF has received a financial help which Mr Florentine has described as a “substantial financial contribution”.

Although Mr Florentine did not reveal the exact figure as he said the two parties have agreed to keep it confidential, Sports Nation has learned that the Space 95 men’s and women’s first division winners will receive R5,000 as cash prize while the runners-up will earn R3,000. As for the Kokonet men’s and women’s second division winners they will get R3,000 and the runners-up R1,500.

SVF head Florentine said he hopes this incentive will push the teams to perform at a higher level.

On behalf of the SVF, Cadets teams players Camilla Francourt and Lance Henry presented Mr Moutia with a token of appreciation in recognition of the newly formed partnership.

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