Golf-Roy Jean-Baptiste takes April Barclays mug


From left to right: club captain David Deltel, winner Roy Jean-Baptiste and Sonny Barra of Barclays Bank

Played under the medal stroke play format, the golfers came in swinging, each wanting to get their hands on the classy crystal mug. At the end of the day, it was Jean-Baptiste who ran away with victory by a decisive 3-shot margin. Shooting a net 65, Jean-Baptiste placed well ahead of Godfrey Andrade (net 68) and Alix Esparon (net 68). 

Jean-Baptiste, who took a break from golf over the past six months, did not take long to return to winning ways as he once again revels in the game that he loves.

Sonny Barra, marketing manager at Barclays Bank Seychelles, was on hand to present Jean-Baptiste with his crystal mug.

Barclays Bank Seychelles remains a long standing, faithful supporter of golf on the islands covering many years of partnership with the Seychelles golf club. 

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