Judo: Curtain-raiser tournament-Praslin judokas dominate fights


After beating his opponent Martin Pointe to win the junior male -66kg class, Neddy Philoé won the open cadet division by outlasting Joshua Monthy in the final.

A total of 10 fighters took part in the open cadet competition.

The Praslin fighters went on to win the other three open category titles.

Ranked fifth in the women’s -78kg category of the recent 34th African senior judo championships held in Maputo, Mozambique, Brigitte Rose, with a body weight of 77.65kg, won by ippon against the much heavier Manuella Volcère (body weight of 125.9kg) in the senior female open category.

Naddy Jeanne collected three wins by ippon against Leslie Philoé, Marcus Laurencine and Yannick Cedrick to win the male open category title.
Jessy Malbrook collected victories against fellow Praslin fighters Caroline Philoé and Valerie Philoé to win the junior female open class.

Leslie Philoé won the male senior -81kg class against Marcus Laurencine, Roge Gabriel grabbed the male cadet -73kg over Joshua Monthy, and Jean-Michel Vidot beat Shawn King in the male cadet -60kg division.

Meanwhile, 11 competitors – Valerie Philoé (female cadette -48kg), Caroline Philoé (female cadette-52kg), Jessy Malbrook (female cadette -78kg), Travis Payet (male cadet -46kg), Darius Bacco (male cadet -55kg), Jean-Luc Crispin (male cadet -81kg), Gino Etienne (male cadet -90kg), Naddy Jeanne (male senior -73kg) – did not have opponents in their respective categories and were declared the winners.

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