Lungos’ fifth cycle of social projects of the economic reform programme -Ten NGOs get funding for new projects


Representatives of the NGOs who have received funding in a souvenir photograph with guests at the ceremony
The programme falls under the umbrella of the Liaison Unit of Non-Governmental Organisations of Seychelles (Lungos) and has three main objectives. These are for economic empowerment where projects are geared towards socio-economic sustainability and independence. The projects also target mindset and attitude, to change mindsets of people especially their expectations of state agencies, including welfare, as well as aiming to work on capacity building, giving citizens new skills, knowledge, as well as re-skilling.

A call for proposals was made earlier this year and 15 projects were submitted to Lungos, out of which 10 were chosen.
A ceremony was held at the Lungos conference room recently, where the representatives of the selected NGOs signed contracts to receive the funding for their projects.
This was done in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, other high government officials, and Lungos officials.

The chosen NGOs are Seychelles Community Training Institute with its integrated women’s empowerment programme (IWEP project); the Association for People with Hearing Impairment with a project to give deaf people on La Digue skills to run their own small businesses; the Everlasting Love Ministry with a project to give life and craft skills to teenage mothers and reduce unemployment; Parents with Hope with a day care centre for drug addicts; Alliance of Solidarity For the Family with empowering unemployed individuals with child-minding skills on Praslin.

Sustainability for Seychelles will implement a project to promote home rainwater harvesting among low-income households in Seychelles; the Environment and Natural Resources Commission will support the greening of the Montagne Posée prison and enhance the inmates’ knowledge and skills for environment-related work; Seychelles Scouts Association with a project to introduce young people to scouting and sustainable living as a positive alternative life-style; the Love and Care Association will implement a computer skills programme for people with disabilities and their parents; and the Friends of Prison organisation will initiate a capacity-building and education through carpentry and craft where at least 60 prisoners will learn the trade.

There was also a PowerPoint presentation where the projects of the fourth cycle where shown, as well as the success stories of each project.

Addressing the guests, the principal secretary for finance and trade Steve Fanny said it is important that capacities and competencies of Lungos and its members are built.

Dr Fanny addressing the gathering

“When Seychelles started the micro-economic reform programme under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund, the society was identified as key stakeholders and partner in the process. Lungos was instrumental in advocating for a robust social safety net during those challenging times,” he said.

“The economic reform social project has been a useful mechanism in implementing the re-skilling programme. I congratulate the NGOs who have successfully completed projects under the fourth cycle, and wish to congratulate those whose projects have been chosen as part of the fifth cycle.”

After the ceremony, all present were able to view a small exhibition of projects under the past cycle.

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