Mauritian surgeons offer consultation services locally


The two surgeons from Mauritius who consulted patients at Dr Murthy’s clinic last week

Dr Ramloll, orthopaedic surgeon from the Fortis Darné Hospital, specialises in sport injuries, knee joint arthroscopy, and hip and knee prosthesis, while Dr Ashwamedsing Dinassing is a consultant and surgeon in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).

Their visit to Seychelles is thanks to a partnership they have with Dr Murthy’s clinic.

Dr Murthy said the visit is the first phase of this partnership whereby patients were consulted locally by these experts and some minor procedures were done as well.

These procedures include examination of the ear under microscope for cleaning of fungal infection, diagnostic procedures of the ear to evaluate the severity of ear disease and endoscopic sinus evaluation.

Dr Dinassing said he saw about 150 to 200 patients during his visit, adding that sinusitis is among the most common cases.

He has his own clinic in Quatre Bornes, Mauritius and has been seeing Seychellois patients in his country for the last 15 years.

Patients who need surgery will have to go to Mauritius to have them done.

Dr Ramloll, a pioneer of orthopaedic in his country, said he aims to provide his expertise, services and opinion in the orthopaedic area for the local patients.

He said 70% of the patients he has seen at the clinic are ones with knee problems relating to sports injuries and accidents.

Dr Ramloll said some of the patients he has seen will have to undergo surgery in Mauritius to treat their injuries.
The surgeons will be visiting Dr Murthy’s clinic every three months.

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