Let’s bring positive messages to our music, says youth council


SNYC chief executive Van Der Westhuizen addressing the musicians, DJs and guests at yesterday’s opening ceremony

This initiative was discussed at the opening of a two-day workshop attended by 25 local musicians and DJs at the Youth Centre at English River yesterday. Youth affairs director general Fatoumata Sylla was present at the opening ceremony.

Those taking part will be discussing issues affecting young people in Seychelles, such as prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Trainers from the Ministry of Health and the Mont Royale rehabilitation centre are expected to elaborate on pertinent themes such as basic counselling and communication, body image and self-esteem, substance abuse, HIV/Aids and STIs.

The musicians were shown two examples of music with a positive message, and the chief executive of the SNYC, Vicky Van Der Westhuizen, said that just as the musicians were assembled to listen to the music, the young people in Seychelles were also sitting in their own homes and absorbing the messages in the lyrics of the music produced by the delegates of the workshop.

“We want our young artists to use their musical talents to spread to the youth of Seychelles a positive attitude towards their personal lives, towards society, their families and communities. That is the basic aim of this workshop.”

Mrs Van Der Westhuizen said that young people were more likely to be influenced by people of their own age rather than being lectured by older authoritarian figures.
“If they can hear a young person, through their music, it can really inspire our youth, so we hope that the musicians will use the knowledge they gather here and translate that into music or to send out positive messages when they are doing their DJ-ing.”

The youth council leader said she has hope that this will inspire the youth to make good choices.

“There must be a fresh, new start somewhere, and this is what we are trying to do. It’s the first time that this type of thing has been done by the youth council, to get young musicians together to talk to them about influencing the young population in a positive manner,” she said.

Young artist and singer Telsy – real name Trassy Carolla – is one of the musicians taking part in the workshop, and she seemed enthusiastic about the aim behind the initiative.

“I’m really starting to think outside the box to see if there is any way for me to help the fans that I have and other people who listen to my music through my lyrics,” she said.

Telsy said although she is young, she still has a responsibility to be a good role model for her fans. “I’m still young, and other people my age will see me at the discotheques, but I’m always aware that I have to know what I’m doing and keep control of everything I do. We need to get the message out that if you want to go out dancing, you can drink, but you also have to stay in control.”

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