Karate: Combat Tang Soo Do & Haedong Kumdo-Four-strong delegation for South African championship


Pictured here training with Grandmaster Jacobsen (left), Lucas (centre) will learn new techniques while in South Africa

Led by head of delegation and coach David Esparon, the team also comprise André Lucas (2nd dan black belt), Jigme Tsultrim (black belt candidate) and Alexandre Chetty (green belt).
According to Mr Esparon, the karatekas will take part in kumite (fight), kata (forms), weaponry, and in both kumite and kata in Haedong Kumdo (traditional sword art).

“We know the strength of the South Africans and a lot of them are on the South African national team. It won’t be easy, but my team is well prepared to face the challenge,” said Mr Esparon.
Other than competing, Lucas will be grading for his 3rd dan black belt and Tsultrim for his 1st dan black belt.

While Mr Esparon and fighters Tsultrim and Chetty are expected back on Sunday, Lucas, one of the highest ranked and most experienced karatekas of the local Combat Tang Soo Do school, will stay in South Africa for two more weeks.

He will be training under the guidance of Grandmaster Edward Jacobsen, holder of an 8th dan black belt in Combat Tang Soo Do, 7th dan Haedong Kumdo, 6th dan Kido and 5th dan Hapkido, and Master Gregory Hart (6th dan black belt Combat Tang Soo Do and 3rd dan black belt Haedong Kumdo).

Mr Esparon said that while training with Grandmaster Jacobsen and Master Hart, Lucas will pick up as much in pressure points, grappling, throwing weaponry and kido (energy transfer).

The Seychelles Combat Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo school would like to thank the Seychelles Karate Federation, parents and all sponsors for making the trip a success.

The last time the Seychelles Combat Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo school took part in the South African Championship was in 2008 and Jude Gabriel won four medals – three gold and a silver.

Competing in the below black belt senior division, Gabriel won his three gold medals in sparring, kata and in the overall ranking. He was ranked second for the silver medal in Haedong Kumdo (traditional Korean sword art).

Tsultrim, who competed in the under-15s green belt three stripes category, won two gold medals in sparring and kata and claimed a silver medal in weaponry.

Johann Roucou, in the 13-year-old category, won three silver medals in sparring, kata and weaponry.  Angelo Roucou, in the 10-12 category, won one gold medal in kata and two silver medals in sparring and weaponry.

Travis Boniface, who also competed in the 10-12 category, won a gold medal in sparring and a silver in kata.
The only local competitor in the 2nd and 3rd dan black belt category, Andy Allisop, won two bronze medals in kata and sparring.

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