Local karatekas back from intensive Japan training camp


Shihans Phillip Moustache and Phillip Verghese

A total of 1,600 fighters from over 125 countries took part in the three-day event held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gym. The events included the World Senior Championships, Junior Championships, Junior Elite Championships, World Women’s Weight Championships and the 5th Men’s World Weight Championships.

The fighters competed in both kata and kumite and for the first time, the organisers included a team kata event.
Both Shihan Moustache and Shihan Verghese officiated throughout the second day and third day where they excelled such that they were selected to officiate in the semifinals of the juniors’, women’s and the men’s weight tournament.

Additionally Shihan Moustache was a judge in the kata competition. Shihan Moustache is among 16 foreigners certified as International Karate Organisation (IKO) referees in the world and one of only two in Africa, whereas Shihan Verghese is among 28 foreigners certified as international associate referees in the world. This is a great achievement when one compares the size of Seychelles in relation to other bigger countries.      

After the tournament, the two Shihans took part in a two-day training camp at Mt Mitsumine which was conducted by Kancho Matsui, the current head of the Kyokushin organisation; Shihan Yuzo Goda 8th dan; and Shihan Francisco Filho who was recently promoted to the grade of 6th dan during the tournament. 

The most important part of their trip to Japan was involvement in a three-day intensive training course held at the Ebisu dojo. They formed part of a select group of 17 black belt karatekas who trained twice daily under the guidance of Shihan Katsuhiko Gorai 6th dan and as well as Shihan Kenny Uytenbogardt 7th dan.

Apart from polishing their basic and advanced techniques, those who took part were taught new advanced techniques as well as fighting combinations. They were taken through all the required Kyokushin katas (forms) including new changes made to them. The karatekas were also taught the basic Bo (long staff) techniques as well as three Bo katas.

The knowledge acquired by the two Shihans will prove to be of great benefit to the Kyokushin students in preparation for the visit of Shihan Kenny later this year to conduct a grading for the senior members. Next year, the Kyokushin organisation will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and some important events are being planned to commemorate this special occasion.
The karatekas would like to thank Laxmanbhai & Company for their help.


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