Second biennial conference on Early Childhood Care and Education-Society urged to make a difference in the lives of young children


Vice-President Faure addressing the guests and children present at yesterday’s ceremonyVice-President Danny Faure made this call while addressing invitees at the opening of the second biennial conference on ECCE yesterday at the International Conference Centre.

Chief Justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon and other ministers, leader of government business in the National Assembly Marie-Antoinette Rose, Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) chief executive Shirley Choppy, director for basic learning and skills development of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco), Dr Mmantsetsa Marope, and senior lecturer from SEED institute in Singapore Mona Tan.

Others present at the event were members of the National Assembly, high government officials, members of the board of trustees of the ECCE trust fund, heads of schools, teachers, children and parents.

The conference, being held under the theme ‘From Policy to Action’, is jointly organised by the national high level policy committee and the IECD.
During the conference, partners and those involved with the ECCE will have the chance to discuss issues on early childhood development.

They will also find ways to improve programmes and services aimed at giving children aged up to seven years old a strong start in life that will positively impact on their development.

Vice-President Faure said we have made remarkable progress since the first conference in 2011.

Guests and children present at yesterday’s ceremony

He described the conference as another milestone in the journey to giving the children of this country the best in life starting with a strong foundation on which to build for the future.

He said Seychelles needed the policy direction and there was a need to establish a national vision for our children and a common understanding of the principles guiding the development of early childhood care and education.

“We continue to review and increase the budgets of the ministries of health and education showing our commitment to improve on services and programmes in which the development of the young children stands to benefit,” he said.

Mr Faure said early childhood is a necessity to all of us and we should make its development and progress our shared passion.

In her keynote address entitled ‘From Moscow to 2015 and beyond; So where does ECCE stand?, Dr Marope said Seychelles is on the right track and indicators are promising.

She added that Seychelles has built good and strong steps forward and has made remarkable progress which has resulted from good political leadership and the vital roles played by parents among others.

Dr Marope’s address highlighted the challenges which remain and proposed potential mitigation for consideration.

Mrs Marope receiving a copy of the ECCE national plan of action from IECD chief executive Shirley Choppy

Her address showed that while globally, notable gains have been made, there are still challenges in ensuring the holistic development of young children and in unleashing their potential to the fullest.

A video showing the achievements made in ECCE locally during the period 2011-2013 was presented.

Vice-President Faure and several other partners of the ECCE were presented with a copy of the policy and national action plan for the ECCE.

The ceremony ended with a special performance by a group of children to wish Vice-President Faure a happy birthday.

Children should be given a strong start in life that will positively impact on their development

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