Access to Bel Ombre reclaimed area restricted from today


The decision from the Ministry of Land Use and Housing comes after it has monitored  and assessed  the situation for several months together with other agencies following the appeal and public education programme the ministry initiated late last year urging members of the public to properly use the area and reduce littering and disturbance.

A spokesperson for the ministry said the move had been prompted by several complaints from inhabitants of Bel Ombre subjected to continuous disturbance caused by groups rallying at the reclaimed area where the Bel Ombre jetty is located.

During an announcement made by a representative of the ministry, members of the public were advised that the situation would be monitored and in the event that it did not improve the area would be cordoned off and its access limited at designated times.

Although the situation improved for a while it unfortunately has now returned to the state that prompted the move.

A main gate and guardroom have been put up at the main entrance of the reclaimed area and an agreement has been reached with the Seychelles Fishing Authority to extend security protection to cover the whole area during the time access will be restricted.

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