First Lady interacts with children in more homes


First Lady Natalie Michel interacting with girls at one of the homes run by the Roman Catholic Mission

The interaction started with the children residing at the Foyer de Nazareth, which is a boys’ home at Anse Etoile, followed by Foyer de La Providence and Foyer de la Solitude.

Mrs Michel got the chance to personally talk with the children of each home and listen to their points of concerns, their views about life at the home, their dreams and hopes, among other issues.
The meeting is a continuation of Mrs Michel’s interaction plan with children in homes during the school holiday.

She recently met the children from the President’s Village where she got the chance to talk to the different groups about their individual school performance, village life, concerns, aspirations and also their views about what can be improved both at the school and the village to make their lives more comfortable.

After the visits, the foundation will hold meetings with the partners involved with the children’s homes to discuss issues impacting the life of those children.

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